Coiled Tubing Supervisor

Professional Experiences

Coiled Tubing Supervisor III

Baker Hughes

From February 2016 Till February 2017

Providing instructions to the assigned crew members, as well as directing and assigningwork accordingly

Preparing daily work tickets summarizing work performed, and supervising crew completionof Job Safety Analysis forms, Job Safety Checklist forms and Stop Card forms.

• Good knowledge on Quality and HSE policies and standards

• Maintaining regular contact with customers by visiting job sites and meeting with customersto ensure satisfaction with work progressJob performed In KuwaitAcid Stimulation Burgan field (KOC)ESP fulshing Bullheading in South Ritqa (KOC)ESP fulshing using Coiled Tubing in Bahra field (KOC)Concentric Coiled Tubing Well Vac Burgan Field (KOC)Telecoil (logging,downhole camera ect ...)

Field Specialist


From August 2008 Till January 2010
Sfax - Tunisia


  • Pre and Post job checks list for all equipments Assigned to the cell.
  • Operated and Maintained standard pump units. 
  • Performed acid and diesel pumping jobs. Competent on related HSE standard.
  • Competent on job parameters recording using electronic acquisition system and software.
  • Operated Nitrogen unit to bullhead N2 and through coil. Competent on related maintenance and HSE standards.
  • Supervised the jobs
  • Competent on Coiled Tubing Unit operation and routine maintenance.
    - Good knowledge on Quality and HSE policies and standards
    - Good knowledge on pumping and coiled tubing specific standards, procedures and guidelines.
  • Standalone on nitrogen and fluid pumping jobs
  •  Job participation:
      *Fishing (ELTHANI company)
      *Fill cleanout(ENI,BG)
      *N2 kick off(BG offshore,ENI)
  •   *Pumping (Brine,diesel) job to bullhead  (TPS,ENI)

Graduation Project

Central Dairy (Vitalait)

From September 2007 Till January 2008
Mahdia - Tunisia
  • Automation of Automatic unit with stretch film 
  • Design the system by the SART method;
    * Realization of the cabinet containing the controller and contactors;
    * Implementation of sensors;
    * Specify location of
    sensor limit switch .
        * Programming the controller using Logo! Soft Comfort v5.0;
    * Design and implementation of remote control system (distance 15 m).

Introductory internship to the professional world

Tunisie Telecom

From July Till August 2007
Mahdia - Tunisia

Technical Support: Maintenance and supervision of the access network operator Tunisie Telecom:
Switching ,
design office, LGD (Center Lines Great Distance), CDC (phone line construction) ...

Internship technician

Central Dairy (Vitalait)

From January Till February 2007
Mahdia - Tunisia

Development of a program to automate the cleaning station skimming.

Internship worker

Cooperative Agricultural and Industrial ZOUILA

From July Till July 2006
Mahdia - Tunisia

Observation of the progress of the manufacturing process and study the possibility of automating the production line of soap.

Educational Background

Intermediate Thru-Tubing Inflatables

Baker Huges

November 2014
Tomball Texas - United States

This course covers Element Technology, Thru-Tubing (TT) Inflatable Tools, TT Inflatable Accessories, TT Inflatable Options, TT Inflatable Applications, TT Inflatable Calculations, TT Inflatable Competitors, Electric Wireline Introduction, Electric Wireline Applications, Collar Locator, Collar Locator Adapter, Compensating Piston, Motors, Speed Reducer, Bearing Section, Pump Sub-Assembly, Pump Assembly, Filter Section, Bottom Adapter Sub-Assembly, Assembly, E-Line Test Equipment, E-Line Trouble Shooting, Wireline Information, TT E-Line Accessories, Running Procedures, and Basic Electronics. Tools are assembled and disassembled for detailed understanding of the equipment. Target Audience: Field Specialists, Field Engineers, Design Engineers or Technical Support Engineers .

Analyze and identify the proper equipment based on provided well data. Assemble equipment and run into the Training Center well, simulating proper rig operations and running procedures. Provide the solution, running procedures, calculations, proper equipment lists, operational procedures, and proper paperwork needed to complete the scenario parameters

Basic Safety Training Certificate

Yessine Marine Service

October 2009
Sfax - Tunisia

Training on the basic safety

Helicopter Unde Water Escape Training

Yessine Marine Service

October 2009
Sfax - Tunisia

Training on Helicopter Under Water Escape Training (offsore survivor)

Well Control School

IADC(International Association of Drilling Contractors) Wellcap

July 2009
Abu dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Program accredited by the international association of drilling contractors at the SUPERVISOR level in Well Control .

This certification is part of the training Supervisor requested by  schlumberger


Schlumberger SDO School

Midle East Training Center MLC Schlumberger

July 2009
Abu dhabi - United Arab Emirates

During 2 month

This training include three step :
          I. Step 1 Pre-School Module(before going to the school):

         1. QHSE Certifications,Maintenance - CTS
         2. Lab Intro - CTS,Job participation - Coiled Tubing
         3. Equipment operation under supervision - CT
         4. Global English Placement Test (WS Only)
         5. SOIM,WS-HSE-WS Safety Standards - CTS
         6. Jet Modules,Effective Mentoring – Mentee
         7. ITZ On-Line Mechanical Training (Basic Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatics & Indus
         8. WS FS Pre-SD-O IT Modules  :

      *WS FS Pre-SD-O IT Modules - Basic:

            - STEM I,Introduction to Drilling & Well Completion
            - Pre-Job Planning,Hydraulic Systems,Pneumatic Systems
            - Triplex Pumps,Centrifugal Pumps,Introduction to Offshore Operations
            - Sensors and Recording Equipment,Downhole Hydraulics
            - Electrical Systems,Treating Equipment
            - Basic Engines and Transmissions

       *WS FS Pre-SD-O IT Modules - CTS :

         - Introduction to Coiled Tubing,Introduction to The Coiled Tubing Unit
         - Introduction to CT Drilling,CT Manufacturing and Limitations
         - CT Fill Cleanouts,Introduction to CT Completions
         - Nitrogen Equipment and Calculations

                 II.  Step2 on the School Module(During the school):

           -Basic Hydraulics - components & CTU Power Pack & Control Cabin

           -CT Reel and Auxiliary  equipment & CT Injector Head Theory

           -CT Pressure Control equipment & BOP & Stripper Assembly / Disassembly

           -Tracing the CTU Hydraulics & DHH, Basic Hydraulics & Circuits review

           -CT Manufacturing and Limitations & CT Pipe Management

           -CoilCAT Basic & SIMs/Sensors & CoilCAT 7.0

           -Design TFM(Tubing Forces Module) Theory

           -CoilLIFE & CoilLIMIT

           -CT Conventional Applications & CT Acidizing & CT Cementing Rheology and Intro Lab test

           -CTS KSQR, CoilSAFE

           -Pumping Practical: Stem 1 Unit/Rig up/ trace lines

           -Priming and pressure testing

           -Simulated pumping Operations

           -Pumping Evaluations

           -Basic Calculations : Downhole Hydraulics & Field Data Handbook

           -CT Applications:Wellbore Cleanout & PowerCLEAN

           -CTS Tools:CoilTOOLS,CoilTOOLS Hands-on & CoilTOOLS Conventional Calculations

           -Nitrogen Services:Equipment , Applications & Calculations

           -BLASTER Services:Blaster Services,Blaster Services Workshop, Jet Advisor

            -CT Practicals:STEM & Rig up Coiled Tubing

            -Standards:Overview STD 22-On Site

            -CT Practicals:CTS PT1 & 2 practice,CT Contingencies practice , CTU Operations  RIH/POOH & CTU Operations - Matrix Job

            -CT Practicals:CTU Operations Evaluation  - Cement Job

            -CT Practicals:CT string maintenance / N2 pumping / STEM,CCAT Job report

            -CT Applications:Basic Completions for CTS ,Coiled Tubing Logging / Perforating

            -CT Applications:CoilFRAC,CT Drilling

            -CT New Technologies:CoilCAT 8 New Features

            -Well Control:Simulator & theoric drilling and coiled tubing

          III. Step 3 Post-School Module(after going to the school)

             -WS-CTS-FS-Job execution under supervision - CT
             -WS-FS-Spare parts and inventory planning
             -WS-FS-FS-1 Break-Out
             -WS-CTS-FS-N2 Pumping
             -WS-CTS-FS-Risk Assessment Supervision-CTS
             -WS-FS-Effective Mentoring- Level 1

English Certificate

Wanderlust International language center

January 2009
Sfax - Tunisia

I received a one month intensive English course at pre-intermediate level

High-level technician in computer sciences

Higher institute of technological Studies Mahdia Tunisie (ISET)

January 2008
Mahdia - Tunisia

Major of promotion and price of the best project of end of study.

High School Degree - Technical Section

Lycée 2 Mars 1934

June 2004
Mahdia - Tunisia


IT Skills

  Operating Systems: Windows and UNIX
Development and programming languages: Turbo Pascal, C / C + +, Java, MySQL & Assembler, ASM, TASM.
Web: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Dreamweaver, Flash MX, Front Page.
Scientific Software: Matlab, C Micro (Programming PIC), AutoCAD,
Language Design: UML (Rational Rose) for the design of Embedded Systems

Automatism Skills

API Study: Siemens Step7, LOGO! Soft Comfort V5.0.
Programming the network controller and industrial robots and systems of supervision.



Native language





Personal Interests


Sport Football, handball, karate.


Internet, electronics, hi-tech, software ...

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